Lifetime member of the Chinese & Foreign Jow Ga Martial Arts Federation

Highlights of Jow Ga


  • Kung Fu/Tai Chi Magazine, Febuary 2000, Volume 2,"A Reunited Jow Ga Family Celebrates the 100th Birthday of its Founders in China", Reza Momenan, page 42-45
  • The McLean Times, March 1, 2000, Letters to Editor: "Kung Fu educates through dedication, self-control", Danielle Lauterslager
  • Inside Kung Fu Magazine, October 2003, "Jow Ga Kung Fu: The Best of Southern Hands & Northern Legs", Hon K. Lee, page 99-104
  • Kung Fu/Tai Chi Magazine, Jan/Feb 2004, "The Real Fists of Fury: The Artists & Artistry of Mizong Quan", Hon K. Lee, page 48-53
  • Kung Fu/Tai Chi Magazine, Jan/Feb 2005, Coverage of Seattle tournament
  • Inside Kung Fu Magazine, June 2005, "Brothers in Kung Fu", Stephen Berwick

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