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Children (Junior) Classes

The children's program at the Jow Ga Shaolin Institute has been designed to build on basic stances and kicks so that more complex combinations of techniques can be done as they progress. At the Introductory Level the student's progress is acknowledged by the color of their sash that they earn through semi-formal tests. This will indicate the milestones reached so that the children will be given positive feedback as they work on and advance in the program. Children will also be taught about Chinese culture, Lion Dance and the history of the Jow Ga and Mizong styles. Discipline and self confidence will come from the training given in classes which will challenge the children's physical and mental abilities to develop strong moral character for the real life challenges ahead of them. We have Sifus and senior students as instructors to help in training of students. Once a year the school hosts an intramural tournaments for Jow Ga Shaolin Institute children. The participants would have the chance to be awarded medals and certificates for displaying their skill and knowledge. Children are usually ready to begin classes around age 5. Once children are 12 or older, they are transitioned as they are ready into the regular Kung Fu classes along with adults. Children who complete the Introductory Program may be also allowed to participate in regular Kung Fu classes.

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