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Lion Dance

The Jow Ga Shaolin Institute's Lion Dance Team can bring you and your guests luck, prosperity, and joy. Our team of up to three Lions will dazzle the audience with highest level of proficiency in one of the most traditional and entertaining performances you have ever seen. Our Lion Dance team offers various themes to fit your occasion. Make your event the most memorable and unforgettable one with the Jow Ga Shaolin Institute's Lions.

A precious heritage and ancient part of Chinese culture is kept alive by performing the traditional Chinese Lion Dance. The Lion Dance is the main attraction of any Chinese festivity including New Year, banquets, weddings, grand openings, anniversaries, formal birthdays, etc.

The dance contains three elements: the lion, the monk and the musicians (playing drum, gong, and cymbals). The lion is comprised of two people, a head and tail. The front dancer dons the head of the lion while the back dancer complements the movement of head and supports the head dancer in various aspects of the dance. These two performers synchronize their movements to bring the lion to life. The Buddhist monk interacts with the lion, acrobatically teasing and playing with the lion. The lion and the drum work together to convey the lion's emotions, as the lion moves in time to the rhythm, conveying fright, anger, grace and joy. The musicians follow the dancers as they reenact a time honored ritual, comprised of dynamic leaps and clever movements. Paper and cloth transform into a living, breathing animal to ward off evil spirits and bring good luck.

Traditionally an offering is given to the lions for them to bless. This is in the form of the red "Hong-Bao" envelopes which are attached to vegetables for the lion to eat. The lion then throws back the green as a symbol of appreciation and a sign of sharing his good fortune with the host and the audience.

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