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Tai Chi Classes

Yang Style Tai Chi Program

Our Yang Style Tai Chi program offers comprehensive instruction at the introductory through instructor levels. Training is available in Tai Chi Basic Movements, Tai Chi Theory & Principles, Qigong (energy work), empty hand and weapons forms, and applications for fitness, health and self-defense. Our program consists of the following levels of instruction:

10-Week Introductory Tai Chi

  • Basic Stances, Footwork, Hand Techniques, Postures, Moves
  • Eight Pieces of Brocade & other exercises
  • Qigong: Moving and Standing Meditation (Zhan Zhuang)
  • Simplified 24-Steps Tai Chi

Beginner Level

  • 24 Step Beijing Yang Style Short Form
  • 32 Step Tai Chi Yang Style Straight Sword
  • Push Hands (Simple single hand & two hand fixed step)
  • Theory: Tai Chi principles for correct forms practice

Intermediate Level

  • 108 Step Tai Chi Long Form
  • Yang Style Tai Chi Saber
  • Push Hands (Complex double-arm fixed step)
  • Theory: Tai Chi principles for push hands practice

Advanced Level

  • Tai Chi Sword, Long Form (Lu Zhen Duo Lineage 13 Postures)
  • Tai Chi Two-Person Fighting Set
  • Push Hands (Yang Style Complex Double Moving Step)
  • Knowledge: Yin & Yang Theory for Self-Defense Applications

Instructor Level

  • Tai Chi Fan or other Tai Chi Weapons Form
  • Yanqing Long Form (Advanced Qigong from the Shaolin Mizong system)
  • Push Hands (Free Style)
  • Knowledge: Tai Chi theory and applications for Daily Living

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